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               INHABIT YOUR LIFE!


Alternative Cooking Technologies 

304 N. Spring st.

Sat May 31  4-6 pm

Shonduel and Lucy  707-391-0444

Explore simple alternative technologies that will increase your self-reliance, reduce fossil fuel use of your cooking and bring joy to your life. We will have hands on demonstrations and discussion about solar ovens, hay boxes, rocket stoves, and maybe more. We will eat food cooked with these technologies. This class is an opportunity for novices to be introduced and veterans to connect, learn, & refine.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance  

304 N. Spring St.

Tues May 27th, June 10th  6-8 pm

Ukiah Bicycle Kitchen

707 391 0444

If you want to start taking care of your bicycle & need a little help getting started, this is for you. We will go over how to fix a flat (good to practice even if you kinda know), check your brakes and derailleurs, and clean and lube your drive train. The class will be mostly demonstration, but feel free to bring your own bike so that you can practice. Donations are not expected but are always welcome.

UBK Bicycle Sale       

316 N. Bush St.

Sat May 31st, 9 am

Ukiah Bicycle Kitchen -
Ronnie, Andrew, Lucy  
707 391 0444

The Ukiah Bicycle Kitchen is having its first Bicycle Sale! We have been fixing up donated bikes, and now they are ready for new homes. Come get yourself a fine new bicycle for summer evening riding. All proceeds go towards keeping the UBK running smoothly. At 10 am, we will have a Basic Bicycle Maintenance workshop, so you can learn to take care of your ride. Also, this is a good opportunity to drop off a used bike you would like to donate to the UBK.

Consensus Decision Making
Mon June 16th, 6-8 pm
Chris Jackson

Join us for a  brief history & discussion on consensus process,  & open discussion on how we can use inclusive & non-hierarchal processes in our lives. Also, learn about applications in facilitation and worker-run cooperatives.  No fascists allowed!

Crafting & Chatting Circle

McGarvey Park, W Clay and Dora St.

Mon 7/7          

4:45 till dusk or boredom

Allison Hoyman-Browe    

Do you knit, spin, crochet, felt, paint or collage? Bring your latest project and a blanket, and come craft with me in the park! Don’t knit but want to learn? I’ll teach you. Don’t have a project? Come anyway to hang out, and bring an instrument or just an interesting topic of conversation.  I can’t wait to see the awesome projects people are working on!  

Drip Irrigation                                        

Vinewood Park Community Garden

Sun June 1st 5-6:30 pm

Peter Reynolds                                      

Learn how to install drip irrigation in your home or community garden. Class takes place at the newest community garden in Ukiah and is organized by The Gardens Project of North Coast Opportunities.

Drought Tolerant  Gardening           
Mendocino College, Little Theater

Sat May 17,  9:00 am – Noon

Jim Xerogeanes and friends

Learn how to create a drought tolerant landscape. Topics that will be covered include drip irrigation, Mediterranean garden design, and other water-wise garden tips and best practices. This seminar is organized by Mendocino College and the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District.

Fall Garden Preparation             

  State St. Community Garden (South of the Coop and Human Services)

Sun July 20,  9:30 am

Inland Mendo Master Gardeners – Dan,
Patricia, Gloria

Mendocino County is blessed with long growing seasons, and the fall/winter garden is often overlooked. It’s not exactly intuitive, but it’s helpful to start planning and preparing for your fall garden in July. Join three Inland Mendocino Master Gardeners as we share what you can do to set yourself up for a successful fall garden, including what crops you can grow, when to plant, how to rotate crops, watering, fertilizing, and more.

Fascinating Feet               

RSVP for Address

Sat July 12th, 10-12 pm


462-1859 /

Learn how simple changes and gentle exercises can decrease pain and swelling and increase the vitality of your feet. Learn how improving the alignment of your legs and activating your pelvic rotator cuff can reinvigorate the arches in flat feet and put the spring back in your step as well as reduce the stress on your knees during functional activities.

Fermentation Fridays                        

  14000 Tomki Rd. Redwood Valley

Fri June 6th, June 27th, July 18th   

RSVP for times and directions

Mori Natura

Come join me to play with fermentatio!  We’ll be meeting on three Fridays to discuss methods, try our hand at different cultures, and enjoy probiotic foods together.  Bring ferments you”ve made to share, paper to write down recipes, and a jar to bring cultures home. Bring a jar. RSVP for directions


304 N. Spring St.

Friday May 16th, 7-9:00 pm


Beginners welcome! We’ll start off with some creative exercises for hand warm up and then drawing! People will take turns doing poses. We’ll do short fast poses (20 seconds to a few minutes) then transition to longer poses (5 minutes to 10 minutes!). Bring your sketchpad, drawing pencils, pens, markers, charcoal, and your body!

FIRST GEAR Bike Class 

Public Health, 1120 South Dora St.

Thursday, May 22, 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Saturday, May 31, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Walk and Bike Mendocino              jendalton@

Learn to be safe and secure on the road. Lead Trainer Erich Sommer will review what to watch for from drivers, and how to ride so you stay safe. Classroom and brief time on the bike you bring. The 2-hour May 22nd class will provide a quick overview and for a more thorough training, the May 31st class will be re-introduction for adults who know how to ride a bike but haven’t ridden in a long time or would like to learn more about riding safely and comfortably. Space is limited. To register: contact Jen Dalton at

First Time Gardener

State St. Community Garden (South of the Coop and Human Services)

Sat May 17th,  9 am

Inland Mendo Master Gardeners -
Dan, Patricia, Gloria


Are you a first time gardener and want to learn the very basics about gardening? Join three Master Gardeners to learn basic steps for your first garden. We will cover: How to prepare your garden bed (digging, amending, testing your soil), How to plant, plants and seeds, How to care for your plants (watering, weeding, supporting), What tools you will need, what to plant when. Come and have fun learning the basics. Grow some of your own food and get some great exercise!

Fracking In CA/NORTH CA   
304. N. Spring St.

Tues July 22nd  6:30-8:30 pm

will parrish

The oil industry is aiming to make California the next boom state for hydraulic fracturing (fracking), an extremely destructive process of extracting oil and natural gas. This class will provide an overview of the politics and environmental consequences of fracking in CA, with a specific focus on fracking on the California North Coast. Recommended reading:

Fuel Load Reduction & Round Pole Building

Greenfield Ranch, off Orr Springs Rd

Sat June 14, 2 pm – Sun June 15 6 pm

Earthcycles and Cloud Forest Institute – Govinda, Jen B., and Lucy


Join us in exploring reciprocity, forest restoration and stewardship. As a result of logging and fire suppression, Mendocino’s forests are overgrown with young Douglas Fir trees. By taking care of the forest, the risk of catastrophic fire is reduced, and many your building needs can be fulfilled. This is a very hands on workshop. You will learn native stewardship practices, pole building for housing, gazebo, shed, furniture, etc., recognize stands of trees that need thinning, how to fell, de-bark and mill trees, how to build using whole logs, how to engage in a reciprocal relationship with the forest and earth. We will camp out together on the land Saturday night, share meals, and work in the forest and on building structures. Space is limited to ten participants. Registration is required. Contact Lucy to register. We are also seeking a videographer to participate.

Greywater Field Trip  

304 N. Spring St.

Tue May 13, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Anna Birkas and Lucy Neely

Greywater systems send the water from your house to your yard and plants.  Greywater offers ecologic and economic benefits. Laundry greywater is now legal in Ukiah. This class offers a very brief lecture on greywater, and then a look at a laundry greywater system where the pipe and infrastructure has been installed but not buried by wood chips in the mulch basins yet. This is a great opportunity for a hands on look at a greywater system appropriate for any household with a washing machine.

Greywater Seminar

Mendocino College, Little Theater

Sat June 14, 9:00 am – Noon

Anna Birkas

Greywater systems send the water from your house to your yard and plants. Anna Birkas – founder, designer and installer of Village Ecosystems – shares her knowledge of and experience with greywater systems. Learn what greywater is, how it can be applied, what is allowed in Ukiah. This seminar is organized by Mendocino College and the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District.

Haiti and the U.S.                                             

  304 N. Spring St., Ukiah

Weds July 16th,  6-7:30 pm

Chris Jackson

Join us for an educational look at the US’s relationship with Haiti  and how it has structurally impoverished it’s people through direct military intervention, dictatorships, free market economics, coups, and even aid.

Hugo Chavez  and the “Pink Tide”                   

304 N. Spring St., Ukiah

Mon May 26th, 6-8 pm

Chris Jackson

A closer look is needed for such a controversial figure as Hugo Chavez and I’m just the gringo for it!  We’ll discuss the pros and cons of Chavismo and the Bolivarian Revolution as well as take a critical look at the “leftist/socialist’ governments that have swept through Latin America in the past decade.

Humane Pig  Slaughter                            

Potter Valley

RSVP for time and date

Ben Wolff

Pat Stevenson will show the correct techniques for humanely killing a pig and processing its different parts into nutritious food.  Pat brings a wealth of knowledge to anyone interested in learning how to process their own meat.  Limited space available. RSVP by e-mailing Ben.


304 N. Spring St., Ukiah

 Every Thursday!  6-7/8ish pm


Come meditate with us! Whether you have an established practice, are a beginner, or want to get back into practice after a break, we’re into it.  Bask in the benefits of practicing with others.  We do an ever-so-slightly guided non-denominational silent meditation. All backgrounds and experience levels welcome. We usually sit for around forty five minutes, and then meditators are welcome to stay for discussion and vegetarian soup, if they’d like.

Master Gardeners at Farmers MArket                                                                 

  Uk. Farmers Mrkt, Alex Thom.  Plaza Every Saturday, 10 am

Inland Mendo Co. Master Gardeners

The Inland Mendocino County Master Gardners will be at the Ukiah Farmer’s Market every Saturday to answer all your gardening-related questions.

The Mendocino War of 1859-1860                             

304 N. Spring St., Ukiah

Tue July 15th,  6:30-8:30 pm

will parrish    

The little known Mendocino War – so named by an 1860 report of by the CA State Legislature – was an apex of the genocidal wave of violence that marked the initial colonization of northwestewrn California.  This presentation and discussion will cover the bloody major events of the “war” (actually, a series of one-sided massacres), the history leading up to these events,  their aftermath, and their legacy. Many of  Mendocino County’s political and business leaders are direct decendants of people who carried out the genocide of this area’s native people.  This class is guided by the belief that we must understand the details of painful histories like these if we are to move through them to a better tomorrow.

Naked Eye & Binocular Astronomy 

Vinewood Park
(between Pine and Elm st.)

Wed May 28th,  9-10:15 pm  (if cloudy, reschedule to Weds June 4th)

Bill Taylor

(707) 272-1688

Take a tour of the night sky, seeing wonders from a light hour to millions of light hours away.  Identify constellations, learn how to tell the time by theirr positions, and discover how our solar system and other stars and galaxies are moving in time.  Bring binoculars – the larger the aperture the better.  Bill is a farmer and life long sky watcher and has been in love with the night sky since he was 8.  

Not-So-Simple Living Fair

County Fairgrounds, Boonville

July 25, 26, 27       

Anderson Valley Foodshed

NSSLF is a weekend of hands-on workshops and demonstrations celebrating rural living and homesteading skills. Entry for the weekend is $35, or $25 for one day – but the NSSLF is so in alignment with MFS’ vision that we want to include it. NSSLF is run entirely by volunteer power to try and keep it as affordable as possible.  NSSLF is looking for volunteers to help things run well, both leading up to the fair and during the fair. Three hours of volunteering earns the volunteer entry to the fair. To volunteer, contact Diane at or 895-3343. To learn more about the fair, including what kind of volunteer opportunities there are, visit  . 

Plant Field Trip to Rickbaugh Glade, South Cow Mountain                     

 contact for details

May 31 – June 1

Kerry Heise, Peter Warner

This is a California Native Plant Society field trip. This may be a camping optional trip for those interested in exploring the wider area of South Cow Mountain.  We’ll continue our efforts to compile a thourough inventory of the plants in the Rickabaugh Glade area, a diverse upland wetland amidst chapparral and woodlands.

Native Plant ID Game Show
304 N. Spring St., Ukiah
Sun Jul 27, 1-3 pm
Mai Nguyen & will parrish

Are you pining to enhance your Mendocino native plant ID skills?  Already a walking plant encyclopedia? Well, don’t be a blue dick about it! Join us for a fun, slightly cooperative, mildly competitive afternoon of native plant games.
Protecting Life-Giving Water                                   
RSVP for address

Sat May 17th, 10:30-12 noon


Learn about how you can be part of the Community Rights Movement growing right here in Mendocino County, based on people having the right to determine what happens in their communties.  Learn about how the people in Mendocino Co. are working hard in a flurry of grassroots networking to put an “enforceable” ordinace on the ballot that would protect water in Mendocino Co. by banning fracking

Relationship Support                                

339 Washo Dr. Ukiah

Tue May 20th, 5:30-6:30 pm

Tabitha Kuehne, LMFT


Come and gather with others who are in a relationship.  Find out what works and what doesn’t.  Get tips on communication.  Learn about yourself and your partner. We will meet once, and then if there is interest, create an ongoing class/group.

Scorpio Flower Full Moon Ceremony

304 N Spring St

Sunday May 11th 7:15-8:30 pm


This full moon on Wednesday May 14th, also called the Flower Moon, will be at 23º Scorpio. We will use this Sunday before the full moon to prepare for the energy and heal our Wounded Self by releasing what does not serve us with love. We will do a creative visualization and a guided meditation. Bring your journal, a pen to write with, and flowers (optional). Be prepare to receive gifts from the Universe!

The Seed Under Ground:  A Growing Revolution

Ukiah Library, 105. N. Main Street

Tues May 20th, 6:30-7:30 pm

Jen Lyon and Miles Gordon      

lyonj@co.mendocino or  463-4490

Ukiah Library will be presenting a book discussion of Janisse Ray’s “The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food’. Ray’s book presents inspiring stories of ordinary gardeners whose aim is to save time honored, open pollinated seed varieties that will be lost if people don’t grow, save and swap the seeds.  The discussion will be moderated by The Gardens Project Director, Miles Gordon.  Reading the book is recommended, but not mandatory. The books are available at the Ukiah Library.

Sing-a-long Circle

14000 Tomki Rd.  Redwood Valley

Every Wednesday,  6-7:30 pm

Daniel Frey


Come join us for a community singing circle. All levels welcome.  We’ll begin with warm up excercises and sing with songbooks for the evening. RSVP for directions.

Snake Oil 101

30004 N. Spring St.

Jainned Boon

Are you tired of spending half your pay check on snake oil? Just to try and keep well? Learn to make your own snake oil! We will go over everything you need to know to make the best snake oil: snake varieties, oil texture, bottle shapes, chanting. Normally my workshops are at least $500, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soak up all my snake-oil magic free of charge!

Tending the Valley 

(Course Series)

304 N. Spring St., Ukiah

Sun May 18th, June 15th, July 20th  (times and locations differ each week) will parrish

Saving Seed on Wild PlantsMay 18 – (Location: Ukiah; meet at Spring House at 10am) Many of the wild plants around Ukiah are edible, medicinal, beneficial for wildlife, and an integral part of the surrounding ecology – even in the city! Join us for a walk around Ukiah as we learn to meet the plants that surround us in their semi-wild habitat. We will collect native grass and wildflower seeds, depending on what’s around and ready to harvest, and discuss where and how to replant them in the wild or your own backyard.

Tending BrodeiaJune 15 – (Location: 12901 Eel River Rd., Pottery Valley; to carpool, meet at Spring house at 9:30 am) Many native California wildflowers are not only beautiful and an integral part of the complex web of life, but nutritious, delicious, and a traditional food staple for many Native tribes throughout California. Join us as we set up an experiment to learn more about how to tend, dig, and eat Brodaiea in a way that helps the plant thrive and reproduce. We will set up a few experimental plots and dig the bulbs with respect, love, and curiosity about how to be in right relationship with our beautiful flower friends. We will discuss opportunities to join with the land’s caretakers to monitor the results of our work.

Build a Tule Boat – July 20 - (Location: Round Mountain; to carpool, meet at Spring House at 8:30 am) Tule is an incredibly versatile wetland plant that is used around the world by many cultures. Join us at the pond on Round Mountain where we will harvest tule, and build a canoe to navigate the pond. Splashing around in the water with tule is a perfect summer adventure for a hot day! You can also meet us at the corner of Parducci Road and N. State St. at 8:50 a.m.

Ukiah Bicycle Kitchen

Alex Thomas Plaza

Every Sat 10 am-12:30 (except 5/31)

Ukiah Bicycle Kitchen – Ronnie, Andrew, Lucy and others

Does your bike need some love? We are here to help you! We bring the tools, the stands, and the mechanics, you bring your bike and your desire to learn. We don’t fix your bike – we help you fix your bike. No experience necessary. Donations are not expected, but are always welcome. We also welcome donations of used bikes (except crappy ones in crappy condition). Happy wrenching! Happy pedaling!

Ukiah’s Magical Watersheds

304 N. Spring St.. Ukiah

Tues July 1st,  6:30-8:30 pm

will parrish

Across geologic time, rainwater sculpts the land into cradle like entiites that comprise a watershed. In Ukiah the basin the collects the water that the land first cradles is the collection of forks and stems that makes up the mighty Russian River.  Only a few miles east of Ukiah, though, are waters that drain into California’s largest river (the Sacramento) and, thus, into the West Coast’s largest freshwater estuary (the San Francisco Bay Delta).  And, Ukiah is intimately connected politically, historically, and geographically to California’s third largest waterway, the north flowing Eel River.   In addition to providing an informational overview of how the Ukiah area’s magical watersheds function and interact, I will share stories of the creatures I’ve experienced that inhabit these wonders and treasures, and some of the ancient mythology about them that I’ve picked up.

Water Conservation Inside the Home

Mendocino College, Little Theater

Sat July 12, 9:00 am -Noon

Deborah Stanger Edelman     

Are you ready to learn new ways to conserve water in your home?  Topics include bathroom modifications, kitchen tips, fixture assessment, leak detection, and behavioral changes that can reduce home water use.  Learn to read your water bill and meter and start monitoring use to measure your effectiveness. Deborah Stanger-Edelman is Russian River Watershed Coordinator. This seminar is organized by Mendocino College and the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District.

Yokayo Seed Project – A Seed Lending Library 

Ukiah Library, 105 N. Main St.

Tues-Sat,  10-5 pm

Jen Lyon


Welcome to the world of saving and sharing seed! The seeds you borrow are lent to you at no cost, and yet they are priceless. A commitment to growing plants for seed is a gift to yourself and your family. We hope you learn much, experience the joys of gardening, and the fruits of your labor. At harvest time, seeds from the strongest, tastiest, and most vigorous plants can be returned to the The Yokayo Seed Project.

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