2013 Spring-Summer Calendar

Being Human – Adventures in Aliveness ​ 206 Mason St., Suite E
with Brad bradkammer@body-mindtherapy.com

For thousands of years, community members came together for support, healing and spiritual growth. Those ways are rapidly vanishing. Come join me in creating a safe group space where we can explore our lives in the presence of others. This class will be a group process of experimenting with a revolutionary healing modality called Somatic Experiencing (SE). Based on eco-psychology, ethology, and mindfulness practices, SE has been described as a neuro-biologically-informed Shamanic practice. We will play with basic SE skills that open us up to greater aliveness.
Tuesday June 4th 7 – 8:30 pm

Bypass Bootprint Tours Little Lake Grange, 291 School St. Willits
with Save Our Little Lake Valley savelittlelake@gmail.com

The Caltrans Willits Bypass is a proposal by the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) and regional political officials to bulldoze and construct a new two-lane Highway 101 artery through Little Lake Valley (aka, the Willits Valley). The bulldozing began in early-2013. This project is in the process of devouring wetlands, oak savannahs, and oak forests throughout the valley and on surrounding hillsides, while generating a massive quantity of CO2 emissions.
We conduct walking and driving tours to see first-hand the trees, the creeks, the hillsides, the fields – the ecosystem of the valley — that is being destroyed, as well as discuss the natural and cultural histories of those areas. Bring your ideas and energy. We can stop this project! Please RSVP
Every Sunday: 1-4pm

Creative Writing: Storytelling Black Oak Coffee 476 N State St. Ukiah
with Lucy Not Neely ​​ lxshaps@gmail.com

This will be a fun brainstorming/writing session for those interested in submitting stories for the Mendo Moth (see Mendo Moth class description)!
Sundays: May 26th, Jun 23rd, Jul 21st
​​ Noon to whenever

Energy Healing 716 S Main St, Suite A2, Willits
with Divora Stern onemindbody@gmail.com

Learn many modalities of energy healing. This class is for any knowledge level, but builds on itself, so my suggestion is to come at the beginning and attend all sessions, or try the first class and see if it is right for you. Get ready to learn how to heal yourself! Please arrive on time.
Thursdays: May 16th, 23rd, 30th ​5-6:30

FeelingsDance Yoga Mendocino 206 A Mason St.
with Adam ​​ bulbulia77@yahoo.com

FeelingsDance is a free expression movement happening. Connect with your feelings and let them move you into deeper and richer terrain! Expand your aliveness and channel your passion and power. FeelingsDance synthesizes live music, DJ’d music and the music that your body makes.
FeelingsDance is inspired by Process Coaching, Soul Motion, Dance Wave, HappensDance, 5 Rhythms & Feldenkrais. Dance yourself to life with this passionate new dance form! And bring a musical instrument if you like!
Suggested Donation: $10 (No one turned away for lack of funds)
Saturday: May 25 7:30 -9:30 pm
June 15 and July 20 it will be 7:00 to 9:30 pm

Films at the MEC the MEC 106 W. Standley
with Sandy​ 235-9080 peace@pacific.net

“Films at the MEC” continues for this Free Skool session, one Friday night each month. The MEC is the Mendocino Environmental Center. Come see a film you may have never seen, but one that has a remarkable story to tell. Refreshments. Discussion after each film. Limited to about 30 people, so get there early. May 17 film will be “Into the Wild”. We are open to suggestions for June and July films. It’s all FREE.
Friday: May 17, June 14, & July 12 7:15 pm

First Friday Community Bike Ride Alex Thomas Plaza
with Jennifer​ love4bicycles@gmail.com

Join fellow community members for a short, all ages ride around Ukiah. Starting at 6pm, the Ukiah First Friday Community Bike Ride leaves from and returns to Alex Thomas Plaza. Bring a bike, helmet, lights, bells and friends! THIS 3 YEAR TRADITION IN UKIAH NEEDS A NEW ORGANIZER. Time requirement per month is 2 hours (the ride plus a little publicity).
Fridays: June 7th, July 5th​6-7 pm

Food You Grew or Foraged Potlucks Ridgewood Ranch, 16200 North Highway 101, Willits; The Spring House, 304 N Spring St, Ukiah
with Rachel & Will rachellouise.britten@gmail.com

Bring food you grew or foraged to a potluck. Be prepared to share a bit about the meal you prepared. This class is geared toward deepening our connection to the places where we live. Contact for location and directions.
Saturdays: June 1st, July 5th, August 2nd

Freeskool Workshoppe & Tool Library Space Creation Party​​​​ TBA
with Ry the Fun Guy​ doompoly@yahoo.com

Potluck Party to bring people together to create a workshop space and tool lending library for Mendocino County. A location for the workshop might be available and a space cleanup party might ensue depending on timing.
Sunday: July 21 3:00- 6:00 pm

Guerrilla Film Nights ​​​ TBA
with Adrianna​​ freckledelliott@live.com

Guerrilla films spring up in places on the fringes of town where They least expect them! We will project awesome radical movies in mystical, magical, mysterious places. Where will they be? A meadow? Railroad tracks? The side of a mountain? Come watch a movie and find out! Please RSVP to find out the exact locations and times.
Saturday nights: 6/8/13, 6/29/13, 7/27/13

Introduction to Sketchup Spring House 304 N. Spring St.
with Tonia​​ tonia.sing@gmail.com

SketchUp is an effective, powerful 3D modeling program that is free and accessible. We’ll learn the basics of how to construct a 3D model, and use it for everything from conceptual design, to perspective drawings and renderings, to shop and construction drawings. Open to architects, builders, woodworkers, and anyone who wants to design and build something at home. No experience required. Please bring a laptop with a free download of GoogleSketchup​http://www.sketchup.com/intl/en/download/
Sunday: June 9th 3 – 5 pm Please RSVP

Luke’s Bread on Beard…Making Class Ridgewood Ranch, 16200 N. Highway 101, Willits
with Lucas ​ lucas.howerter@gmail.com

This class focuses on the basics of baking sourdough breads using locally-produced whole grains, some of which were grown just 100 yards away from where we will be baking!
(Luke, a bread-making extraordinaire of great repute, who also happens to be the proud owner of extremely fuzzy tufts of facial hair that reside oh-so-stylishly across his chin and neck, will teach us his wizardly ways in the kitchen and with his beard brush.) Contact for directions.
Saturday: June 1st​3:30-5:30

Magic of Cooking with a Haybox ​ TBA
with Shonduel shonduel@earthlink.net 462-1859

Learn how to cook using an ingenious, simple-to-make haybox. Cook beans, soups, stews overnight or when gone for the day without heat and without having to tend (after first bringing the pot to a boil). Save money and energy. Add convenience and nourishment to your life. Avoid heating your house in the Summer. Keeps food piping hot till ready to serve.
Saturday: June 1 10:30 – 11:30 am

Meditation Spring House 304 N. Spring St.
with Zephyr ​ zephyr.quirk@gmail.com

Do you want to meditate more, but have a hard time finding the time or motivation? Regular meditation is so much easier when we can support each other! Join us for an hour of sitting every Thursday. All philosophies and experience levels welcome.
Every Thursday 6 – 7 pm

Mendo Moth​​​​ The Office
with Lucy Not Neely​​ lxshaps@gmail.com​

Fridays: May 31st, June 28th, July 26th

Mycology: Introduction to the World of Fungi and the Underground The Willits Masonic Center, 330 S Main St
Ry the Fun Guy doompoly@yahoo.com​

An exploration of the underground world of fungi: how they grow, their life cycles, and the roles they have played in transforming human society. Bring an open mind.
Fridays: May 31st, June 28th, July 26th 12-3 pm

Plant Medicine Making Spring House 304 N. Spring St.
with Corine​​mendofreeskool@gmail.com

Herbal medicine making basics. We will focus on use and Identification of common medicinal plants in the valley and surrounding area. Identify habitat and get to know the energy of the plants personally. Learn several practical preparation techniques. In this hands on class we will be working with plants and their healing properties. Learn how to identify and sustain-ably harvest. I will be sharing tips as well as many completed preparations with the class. If you have tincture bottles or small jars bring some WITH LIDS. Learn practical ways of transforming dried and fresh herbal allies into useful and easily applied home remedies using medicine from plants to make tinctures, etc.
Saturday: June 8 9am to 3pm

(the) Power of Place ​​Spring House
With Will Parrish & Rachel Britten rachellouise.britten@gmail.com

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.”
― Wendell Berry, A Place on Earth
We currently live in a culture characterized by movement and distraction. Through three activities “The Power of Place” will explore the value of connecting to the place we live. Sunday June 9th will be a book discussion based on William Cronon’s Changes in the Land (An incredibly enlightening and unique account of the ecological history of New England pre- and post-settlement). Sunday June 30 will be a “Changes in the Land” tour of Ukiah. This exploration will culminate in a Sunday July 21st discussion with long-time local residents who have actualized a connection to place.
Sundays: June 9th, June 30th, July 21st 1-4:00

Practical Permaculture Series​Parducci Rd
with Rain Tenaqiya ​ raincascadia@yahoo.com

Rain’s Edible Arboretum Food Plant Tour
Our climate allows us to grow just about any temperate (and many subtropical) food plant that we want. Join me for a detailed tour of the hundreds of species and varieties growing in my permaculture, from perennial vegetables to nut trees. Please RSVP for directions.
Saturday: May 25th, 1-3 pm

Reading the Landscape
Permaculture design relies on the ability to interpret patterns in the land. In this class we will become intimate with the diverse forests and grasslands surrounding my homestead, observing how soil, wind, aspect, slope, grazing, hydrology, land use, fire, and succession interact to create the present landscape. Please RSVP for directions.
Sunday: June 16th, 1-3 pm

Sustainable Food Strategies
Producing and eating food sustainably requires a plethora of techniques adapted to the land and the diners. This class will focus on my own particular blend of production strategies and recipes adapted to my land and mostly vegan persuasion. I am currently growing about 80% of my food with almost no offsite inputs and I can show you how to do the same. Please RSVP for directions.
Saturday: July 6th, 1-3 pm

Really Really Free Market Todd Grove Park
with Mendo Free Skool peace@pacific.net

Join us for the second Really Really Free Market put on by the Mendo Free Skool. The lesson to learn in this class is “sharing”. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Bring a few things that you no longer use but that you would like to give to a new home. You will probably want to bring a table or blanket upon which to display your offerings. And if you are NOT giving away the table or blanket, you may want to make a sign to that effect or folks may think it is free to take also. This market will coincide with the Skill Share / Re-Skilling event that is at the park at the same time.
Saturday June 15 10 am – 4 pm

Scything for Small Carbon Footprint 520 Laughlin Redwood Valley
with Sandy ​ 235-9080 peace@pacific.net

Scything is using a scythe to cut grains and grasses and has been around for many centuries. I learned how 22 years ago, and have been scything about a 1/2 acre field ever since. We’ll have 3 scythes and you can learn how to operate one in a few minutes. Then we can practice for an hour or so. Gas powered lawnmowers are a big source of pollution & carbon. Scything is aerobic & meditative. RSVP
Sunday: June 2 9:00 – 11:00 am

Skill Share/ Re-Skilling Day Todd Grove Park
with Mary, Ziggy, & Sandy peace@pacific.net

Skill Shares (or Re-Skilling events) are opportunities for people with useful skills to share them with people interested in learning those skills. Mendo Free Skool had a successful Skill Share in January where about 10 different, short classes were taught and about 50+ people attended. On June 15, the Free Skool will be collaborating with Transition Ukiah Valley to host a bigger event outdoors. We hope to have 80+ people attend at least 15 different classes. We will have more details about classes and times happening that day on the Free Skool and Transition Ukiah Valley websites in early June. Contact us if you’d like to teach a class (75- 90 min.) Bring a dish if you’d like to be part of a noon potluck. Bring tableware. 235-9080
Saturday: June 15 10 am – 4pm

Summer Solstice Vegan Potluck Low Gap Park
with Linda/Ziggy drum-core@live.com

Interested in veganism? Want to meet other vegans? This will be the launch of a monthly vegan potluck. Please bring a dish to share, including a list of ingredients. Contact Linda/Ziggy for details.
Saturday: June 22nd ​12-3:00

Tic Tock time for TAROT CARDS 14000 Tomki Rd. Redwood Valley
with Camilla ​​ ( 347) 600-5554

“Symbols are the language of dreams. In dreams, the unconscious is revealed in symbols, and the key to understanding a dream is knowledge of the symbol” C. Jung.
Come continue learning the mysteries of Tarot, dip your toes in to the stream of ancient knowledge as we further explore the Major and Minor Arcana.
Bring notebook and any other divination books or practices to the class, subject manner could expand!
Tic Tock time for TAROT CARDS. The ancient knowledge awaits you!
Wed. May 15th, Fri. May 24th, Wed. June 5th
​​ 6:15 – 7:15 pm

Ukiah Bicycle Kitchen​ Alex Thomas Plaza​
with Jen ukiahbicyclekitchen@gmail.com​

The Ukiah Bicycle Kitchen is a mobile, pedal-powered unit that offers affordable bicycle repair through maintenance education. UBK teaches and empowers people to work on their own bicycles. Bring your bike and questions.
Every Saturday: 10 am-12 pm

Ukiah Plant Walks
with Rain Tenaqiya​ raincascadia@yahoo.com

Native Plant Identification​ Low Gap Park
The City View Trail traverses an impressive diversity of botanical communities, ranging from oak savannah to redwood-tanoak forest to knobcone pine and chaparral. Join me for a hike on one of Ukiah’s best trails, where I will do my best to identify the native plants we encounter. Meet at the parking lot by the skate park.
Wednesday: May 29th, 6-8 pm

Food Plant Hunt​ Todd Grove Park
Join me for this popular tour of Ukiah’s diverse and abundant cornucopia. We will wind through the asphalt jungle identifying and sampling whatever is in season, from weedy greens and flowers to succulent sweet fruits. Meet at the corner of Todd and Live Oak.
Wednesday: June 26th, 6-7 pm

Watershed Walks-Ukiah Valley Spring House 304 N. Spring St.
with Will Parrish​​ wparrish@riseup.net

Get to know the springs, creeks, ponds, and bogs of Ukiah, as well as the dams, diversions, and drains that inhibit them. We’ll follow spring water from the headwaters of creeks where possible on their path through town. We’ll learn about plants, geology, fish, and other aquatic species as we go! Bring good hiking shoes, lunch, water, and snacks.
Tues. May 28, June 18, July 9 5- 8:30 pm


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